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September 17th - Penny trains with the newly crowned Olympic Champion, Nicola Adams
September 13th - Will puts in some last minute training
September 13th - Bar Baloud at the Mandarin Oriental boxers look the part

Dean "the Machine" Yasharian and Paulo "Rocky" De Tarso show of their newly developed muscles in preparation for the Rumble


11th September - Boxers head to the weigh-in at Aura Mayfair

Eager to find out who has been paired up for the big fight? The boxers attended the Weigh-In Press Conference at Aura Mayfair to be weighed in and matched. Tensions were running high as the boxers waited, keen to find out who they will be meeting in the ring after all of their hard work.

The Bout order is as follows:

Emile Galvin Vs Joe Ryan

Matteo Cristini Vs Vinicius Frigo

Sara Cristini Vs Stéphanie Srey

Paulo De Tarso Vs Hayden Groves

Omar Allibhoy Vs Stefan Chomka

Monica Galetti Vs Penny Mallory

Andrew McLeish Vs Neil Ramsey

Dean Yasharian Vs Ashley Westwood

Michele Caggianese Vs Luigi Vespero

Will Holland Vs Matt Wilkin

Marcus Wareing Vs Fred Sirieix


10th September - Fifth and final group work out With Clinton McKenzie

Final session

The boxers prepare at Clinton Mckenzie's gym in Herne Hill for the final time as a group before they step into the ring. Watch all sparring sessions here.

5th September- Hosts announced for the Rumble in the Kitchen event

We are pleased to announce our hosts for the evening of the fight; Nigel Bardon and Charlie Webster.

Nigel Barden is a food & drink journalist & broadcaster, working with Simon Mayo & Chris Evans on their Sony Gold award winning BBC Radio 2 shows, BBC London & Reader’s Digest magazine. He specialises in promoting British ingredients & artisan producers, particularly in his role as Chairman of The Great Taste Awards. He’s currently the ambassador for a pop-up restaurant at The Cadogan Hotel in London, where these award winners are showcased. In a former life Nigel was a Yorkshire based wine merchant, having previously studied land agency at Cirencester’s Royal Agricultural College. He grew up on a farm in Lancashire, married a Sicilian & has 3 boys under 13. Nigel’s also a BBC rugby commentator.

Nigel B

Charlie Webster is a popular sports and tv presenter. Sports has played in alarge role in her life from a young age. Running is an ingrained part of her life and as a qualified personal trainer and coach in both running and football, Webster loves encouraging others through sport. She still trains and competes at a high level in both running and boxing.

Charlie Webster

29th August - Special workshop with All Stars Youth Club

all star

Hilton in the Community Foundation is proudly supporting All Stars Youth Club. A special training session led by the son of founder and owner Mr Isola Akay, Raman Akay, will introduce Rumble in the Kitchen to All Stars Boxing Gym and its youngsters. In an area of London where kids are likely to be shut out because of prejudice, All Stars Youth Club transcends barriers and makes a difference in the lives of children, who may have otherwise been victims of their environment, and gives them a fighting chance at a better life.

13th August - Fourth group training session with Clinton
The boxers continue to train, increase their fitness and assess each other's skills in sparring training.

10th August - Exclusive workshop with Adam Booth
Adam, who trains and manages the careers of David Haye and British and Commonwealth Champion George Groves, presented a 2-hour session to develop defence, rhythm and punching power.

16th July - Third group training session with Clinton
This time the boxers step into the ring to spar against each other.


18th June - Second group training session with Clinton
This will be the second time that the competitors have the chance to size each other up. Just friendly sparring? Probably not!

14th May - First group training session with Clinton
It’s time to learn from the master. Clinton has generously opened up his gym so that all the boxers can train. This is the first monthly group session and gives the boxers a chance to test each other in the ring. Watch them train here and here.

19th April - Boxers Eye up the competition
There were some strange looks exchanged at Galvin’s at Windows as the boxers met for the first time. Eyeing up the competition there were a few nervous glances. Stomachs in, chest out – it was time to psyche out the completion!

Rumble Sponsors
Rumble in the Kitchen is an initiative of Hilton in the Community Foundation, Registered Charity No. 1084220 (England & Wales) and 038995 (Scotland)

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